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Added missing keys and translated to es_ES

HTML Strict cleanup

HTML Strict cleanup

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HTML Strict cleanup

Set focus for user-info form

Set mktree_remember to remember the state of the tree

HTML Strict cleanup

Added the mktree_remember global variable so scripts that use mktree can decide if they want to keep the state of tree or not (mktree_remember defaults to false)

make component handling more robust

make timezone parsing more robust

adjustments for wymeditor

adjust wym editor support for richtext changes

corregir busqueda por problema de archivos con nombres similares que solo cambia una letra en el nombre ej. index.html y index.htm

improving the attribute management for the rich text mixins.

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get rid of mixins for hidden fields

hopefully the last part of the richtext attribute setting fix

Fixed lintian errors

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xinha fix to work with xotcl versions without recent slot support

Setting compatibility postgres options enabled

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bump version number to ease communication

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keep configured values, when editor is switched

Changed moveByCopyDeleteP default value to 0 (as stated by the description of the parameter), moreover the moveByCopyDelete only moves the live revison of the file. Bumped version number and updated portlet and applet dependency.

HTML Strict cleanup

Replaced the use of the non valid attribute 'remember' by checking if the node has children to create/update a cookie that keeps its state

Removed non valid attribute and changed ID value to make them unique in the document

Added 'Valid HTML 4.01' blue icon to the Zen footer

Fixed libthread problem

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allow multiple validators from the superclass hierarchy to be run, when subclassing form fields

make loading of interface to stored procedures more robust

Little fixes

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