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Merging catalog files to oacs-5-3 from oacs-5-2 for assessment

Mark Wylie's changes: added a <p> tag and header

Mark Wylie's changes: added a header

Mark Wylie's changes: modified to use the list-builder css from packages/acs-templating/www/resources/lists.css

Mark Wylie's changes: modified css to add div classes

Mark Wylie's changes: moved pagination and list-button-bars out of the table into divs

Mark Wylie's changes: changed the default class that list tables are assigned from 'list' to 'list-table'

Add admin links if an administrator is viewing the assessment.

Add background image for progress bar

file pb-bg.gif was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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Use form button on feedback page.

Show page as finished in progress bar on feedback page.

Merging catalog files to oacs-5-3 from oacs-5-2 for lorsm-portlet

Merging catalog files to oacs-5-3 from oacs-5-2 for lorsm.

Merging catalogs from oacs-5-2 to oacs-5-3 for lors

fix bug (i hope) where new book function refers to passed in value p_context_id which does not exist

Fixing .info file

Added missing upgrade scripts

Added missing upgrade scripts

minor polishing of google sitemap support (returning text/xml as content type, correcting closing tag for sitemap-index)

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adding a default class for forms if one does not exist

file import.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-3 on 2007-08-01 21:39:25 +0000

fixing google site map, move package-level methods from xowiki-procs to package-procs, where they belong

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call search::action callback such that syndication works

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try to track bug on oacs.org

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fix for bug 3061

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fix for bog #3061

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fixing bug #3063; introduced by a change of daveb for notifications. not sure, what the reason was exactly.

Strip absolute URLs in case a page is edited in HTTP/HTTPS and viewed

the other way. That is, when a full url to HTTP is in the content, and

the page is viewed under HTTPS, a security warning is displayed. Since

there are bugs in Firefox when editing, the URLs are converted to

absolute URLs by xinha. We strip them out when saving. They are

converted back when editing so the user experience is unchanged.

Removing unnecesary list command form the title's page

Merging Nima's changes