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ported latest postgres changes to oracle

allow page instances to be created in the old-fashioned way; don't show subtypes in selection box for form when creating a page instance

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fix typo include_sub_types -> include_subtypes

Fixed selection with deleted users

added username to the list of possible options

Fixed problem with notifications_p and made sure to be able to display groups that have been entered manually into contact_groups

Made sure sweeper does not run if contacts is not mounted

Add form for naming an answer set

file save-answer-set.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

file save-answer-set.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

file save-answer-set.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

Adding choosing answer sets to user interface. Allow chaning from radio to checkboxes

Add saving answer sets to the user interface.

set needed content types in require_folder, not on every save_new

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remove double occurance of attribute in common_query_atts

validation errors for HTML-forms, some code refacturing

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Replacing a db_foreach with a tcl foreach loop of a db_list_of_lists because you can run out of db pools if site_node::update_cache is called in the loop for too many parent nodes

Made sure you can actually add a new project...

Adding support for oracle for the upgrade to 5.4.0d3 which allows for file attachments

Removed line with incorrect variable and fixed recursive invocation which

was wrongly calling a function outside the monitor.

added validation to HTML forms, first version

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adding "validator" to slot attributes

reverting change made to fix flat mode oracle as it has been solved in the xql file

added t alias to for postgresql compatibility

Fixed problem with mutex locking up the site when we needed to update the parent

Notifications can only be bound to the object_id, so if any contacts instance requests that a group use notifications all instances must use notifications. I've reflected this in the admin pages.

Adding the ability to use notifications to manage group email subscriptions. Upgrade scripts are included and version increased to 1.2b31

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Changing the proc instance_new, now it takes the package-instance-name instead of instance_name, and fall back to current behavior if the package-instance-name is empty

Adding the following:

1. Added a new attribute called package-instance-name to use it as label in the context bar.

2. Added a new proc called apm::package_version::attributes::set_all_instances_names which changes all instances names for those packages that have the attribute package-instance-name and the instance name is equal to package-name.

3. Added a new proc called apm::package_version::attributes::get_instance_name which gets the package-instance-name for a given package-key.

bumping version numbers to 5.4.0d4, since was added the attribute package-instance-name to use it in the context bar.