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Added dummy "Malte: please document these callbacks" comments to appease

our automated test procs. This release is supposed to be the "no core

tests fail" release ... adding procs without doc comments breaks that.

A previous change (torben's, I believe?) removed the "inline" style for

the UL tags used to build breadcrumbs, which uglifies them.

Don't call content::type::content_type_p procedure, it does not exist.

Remove extra , at the end of array

Fix richtext in Safari and browsers without javascript by supressing

display mode hidden elements except when really in display mode.

closing anchor tag in book

increase size of buffer for ns_adp_parse (or adp_compile) to a larger value if necessary (requires aolserver 4.5)

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Lorsm shouldn't automount when installed. Currently, it doesn't even work

unless it's mounted under a dotlrn package instance!!!! Why automount an

instance that doesn't work?

Fix referer value

Add missing dependency

Normalizing string comparison operations into tcl 8.4 operations, enabling byte-code compilation for expressions and many conditionals

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Added dynamic types

Move content_revision__new functions to a seperate upgrade script that

will run after beta2.

file upgrade-5.3.0b2-5.3.0b3.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

Recreate all content_revision__new functions.

Fixing naming problem preventing data links from being created. As this is a backport from HEAD it also includes the caching of the links.

Removed the bad idea to change the foreign key constraint for contacts on user_preferences

Removed the bad idea to change the foreign key constraint for contacts on user_preferences

Update version number to keep in sync with 5.2

Updated the dotWRK package composition to reflect the changes in available and maintained packages

Added some documentation

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Added missing key ...

Missing dependency (should go in 5.3 branch, too hint hint)

Fixed a typo ... while people may complain about SCORM, I think a course

that conforms to the standard is a "SCORM compliant" course, not a "SCORM

complaint" course!

fixing closing of HTML comments

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Recreating the trigger without recreating the view can cause a problem

in a very specific case. It doesn't hurt to recreate the view (which

calls refresh_trigger)

Made sure the version number matches the upgrade script and that the view can actually be deleted. Someone else please take a look if this is actually desired (adding the cascade), it worked on my install just fine (but I am not a heavy user...)

select maximal values for package wide presence

fixing a typo in last commit

compute numbers of users in presence includelet in separate query, when limit clause kicks in