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2006 Feb 21: Merged recent changes from HEAD

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removing deprecated files

Bugfix on submitting an assignment

add a check before we unset assessment_id, there might be no assessment id's to unset

the assessmant_map table should be created on package install

added an after-mount callback that creates an instructor and assistant community on mount

Added previous and future tasks search to tasks/index

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fixing references to singleton urls and making the them work for multiple package instances (some of this was done by maltes)

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fixed contact::flush and contact::message::... procs bugs

returning group id for default_group instead of just creating it

backout accidental commit of my config.tcl

change order of arguments to tar; add comment to script about getting free space from partitions with long names (i.e. logical volumes)

Made sure that you return -2 if the application group_id is empty

adding requied packages for imsld

Changed Approved Applications => Approved/Unpaid

UI updates

Link community name to community home, UI updates

Don't display group by label if empty

forgot to added emplyee_id flag to get_employees

fixing html_options display and cleaning up some procs

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fixing bug where if the user had been deleted from a group the could not be re-added

Fixed up broken context links.

Added graduate attribute colour map to degree streams.

fixed condition_type of group proc that was broken by making contacts instance aware (since the searches can not longer depend on the same things

Added GA colour map for all Units of Study.

Bumping up version number so that the sql upgrade scripts are run, new messages are added and a new parameter is loaded

Adding label and envelope callbacks and cleaning up the check for a contacts email or mailing address as well as a bunch of other associated procs - which now also checks for the empoyers if the contact does not have one

Changing labels to use callbacks for label type

Adding envelope pdf exports

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enabling csv downloads on front page by default, there is now a parameter to shut it off