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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
I18N of notifications

Added procedure to upload a file under a parent_id

Updded version number for new strings

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New German Translations

Fixing tasks page. Adding missing variables to the include. Got rid of the differentiation between watcher_p and observer_p, added a proper filter for the party_id, removed the role_id issue, added the option to pass a filter for package_id, allowing you to filter the projects to only the projects in this subsite

fix bio logic

As Project Names can contain I18N language strings (at least when we autogenerate them...) we need to localize the list

fix bio logic

set bt folder context to the bt package id instead of defaulting to -100 so that perms on package trickle to bugs

Use HTML version of message to convert from html to text, instead of original enhanced text version.

testing parser

file imsld-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

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testing parser

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solve some bugs:remove parenthesis and change operator by empty_string

change format in clock format because there is a problem with accent ex. mi�

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filter attempts on the subject_id

Added header_stuff to dotfolio master template so that slaves can add stuff to head too.

Show and allow edit of subject on application approve.

Show categories for sitewide and course, as well as section email templates.

Don't send community member email if it only contains whitespace.

Add missing \

Allow use of categories for variables in email templats

Allow categories for email variables

Add application reject email

Add application reject email type.

Add category values as email variables.

Allow application reject to use editable email template

Use correct variable name for email vars.

Use correct email type for prerequitsite waiver approval.

Add link for errors when compiling with gcc 4

Update link to tDOM