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Update link to tDOM

Update for Fedora Core, update dead links. Update to use tDOM 0.80

UI fix

Support for allowing automatic approval of course registrations, i.e. users will not go to the waiting list if there is a course assessment, however, the other waiting lists are still checked

removing number 1 of util memoize call on procedure

fix permissions bugs

bugfix: fixing bug #2618: sql syntax error

bugfix: fixing bug #2618: sql syntax error

Added contact::util::get_employee_organization

New file location

Bugfix on free registration test

adding function

removing commented line

adding reports link

adding reports functionallity (pages and procedures)

adding messages

adding procedure for reports

adding files for reports

removed shade buttons that were 'out-of-order'. Need to find out if users acctually use them

first tests of the complete parser (level A) succeeded.

still very early to try something else than parsing ims-ld compliant xml files.

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* Added a 'printer friendly page' for the task calendar.

* Minor changes to formating of task calendar. Employees here have so

many tasks that displaying everyone who is associated with each task

gets to be too unwieldy

I18N of the description. This way you can use language keys in the description of a task

increment version number to get the changes from registering lang messages for locale de_DE foreach attribute_id and option_id created in contacts populate procedures

registering lang messages for locale de_DE foreach attribute_id and option_id created

process_name should also be send to the template

remove comments and debug notices from applications.tcl

Fixed and added salutation

Removed possibility to add a new offer due to the fact that offers are hard linked with projects

Made sure the PDF file actually exists before returning the filename

theme-selva, although not a good name for the package should be used as default for mounting and should have a page that links to the documentation. This adds both

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