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Fix bug #2487, float filter does not accept negative numbers.

Fixing a fatal error when you edit a task and given empty strings for work required. In this event these values will be converted to 0 since that is probably what the user intended.

Added a column for links

added a callback for ::send as well

Added callback for acs-mail-lite::send

return the log_id

new function to create log entry

new function to create an object

Removed trigger and changed to track real message_ids

Added callback implementations for acs-mail-lite

Added the callbacks in a new file

Removed the callbacks

Added complex_send procedure

revert recent changes that overwrote previous bug fixes

if tcllib is installed we don't need these procedures

If tcllib is installed then we don't need these procedures

file bulk-update.adp was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-30 15:31:02 +0000

Adding bulk-update. Admins can now update a date or option ams attribute for a large group of people at once

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Fixed problem with I18n of actions

Fixed the actions display

Splitted the message.tcl into message.tcl, email.tcl and letter.tcl

Splitted the message.tcl into message.tcl, email.tcl and letter.tcl

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Added support for the .LRN community to give a link

Ups, I guess I forgot something....

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renaming organizations::new to organization::new - in response to adding that proc to the organizations package

Adding organization::new proc

Bumped version up to 1.0d2. Added dependency on categories, added DefaultPageSize parameter

Adding upgrade script from 1.0d to 1.0d2

Added the use of the DefaultPageSize parameter

remove context_bar