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Fix documentation

Do not require uuid package anymore

Use ns_uuid Naviserver command instead of uuid::uuid generate from tcllib: apparently, this can interact badly with clock localized formatting, leading to the "GREGORIAN_CHANGE_DATE" issue

add missing ad_script_abort

add ad_script abourt after termination command

deactivate style rule

improve code formatting

improve spelling

remove quites from number

provide unit to statistics output

perform script about after internal redirect

Add @see to deprecated doc

Prefer using the list structure directly: each category has only 1 translation per locale

Smartify idiom

Replace catch idiom

Replace catch idioms

Replace catch idiom

Move portable sql inline, streamline idioms

Simplify idioms: lang is unique for a particular tree

Simplify multirow logic using 'template::util::list_to_multirow'

Replace catch idiom

Replace catch idiom

Replace catch idioms

tree_id is a positional argument

Replace catch idiom, improve proc contract, make it clear that we return a list

Bring sql inline, reduce duplication

Simplify idiom, bring sql inline

add support for expiryDays

update upstream version number

for expiry days to work correctly, one needs probably the following fix


Trailing whitespace cleanup

Take advantage of oldie utility template::util::list_to_multirow to refactor and simplify the code