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Rework boolean comparison. Thanks to Felix Mödritscher.

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reduce dependency on xo namespace in acs-core

provide early initialization of create_db_function_interface during inital bootstrap

update list of checked procs

improve comment

get rid of (commented out) puts statements

redice verbosity

added regression test for includelet includelet "child-resources"

added private function xowiki::test::require_form_page to ease regression testing

add test cases for three different toc styles

no need to sort already sorted sequence

This problem was introduced via the ns_strcoll support which is not sufficiently clever on numbers.

We should support for numerical sort when needed (which seems rare enough)

Test also that links rendered in the ToC point to an existing page

At least in the setup tested so far, links seem to contain the language prefix and would not be resolved correctly

Improve comment

add test file for includelt testing, that does not require the full webtest overhead

file includelet-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Extend the test for the case where all links should be expanded

This tests also exposes issued with the sorting

Extend test to start enforcing that the expected number of links is rendered and that the sorting is correct

This will expose that already in this simple case, we have that "100" comes before "2"

Streamline idiom, fixes xowiki toc_includelet automated test

Basic test where we render the ToC includelet

This test currently fails because of a bug concerning the ul_class variable

file tree-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Also allow to specify the page order

Allow to specify the content when requiring the page

Extend randomization of multiple alternatives for cases, where one alternative must be "true"

Certain evaluation schemes for multiple choice questions require that

at least one alternative must be true. Otherwise, a division by 0

might appear. This is an issue, when a subset of alternatives is used

(e.g. 3 out of 10 alternatives). The version know evaluation schemes

with such a requirement and makes sure that in the resulting set, at

least one correct alternative is correct. Note: this change does not

make sure that the full set of alternatives contains at least one

correct alternative.

Improve rebustness in error situations.

This change makes sure to always provide initialized aggregated values in case

that "dump read" fails to initialized these.

keep avoiding call "value_if_nothing_is_returned_from_form" for disabled field

This change reverts to the previous behavior and is logically sound.

All regression test continue to work. Not clear, why Antonio removed

this call (maybe due to downstream changes, but these should be

sorted out).

add test case for disabled checkbox (should be the same as for non-disabled case)

include field name in debug message

add canvas evaluation scheme of MC questions

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Undo the change trying to alter the order inside "add_pages"

The method is intended to preserve the order of the passed-in ordered

composite. Added comments to clarify it for people not so familiar with the


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Port of downstream feature: optionally allow to instantiate the items before deletion in order to apply specific class logics