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Add 'acs_subsite_relation_procs' test case, covering 'relation_add', 'relation_remove', 'relation::get_object_one', 'relation::get_object_two', 'relation::get_objects' and 'relation::get_id'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::relation::add_meta_category' and 'category::relation::get_meta_categories'

set default grading scheme to "wi1p" instead of "wi1"

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::change_parent'

Extend 'category_tree_procs' test case with 'category::count_children'

Replace deprecated 'acs_mail_lite::utils::valid_email_p' with 'util_email_valid_p'

Reuse email validation logic

Deprecate 'acs_mail_lite::utils::valid_email_p', as it is duplicated by 'util_email_valid_p'. It was not deleted because it was a public proc recently turned to private.

Replace regexp for mail validation by the version proposed by mozilla for the email input type validation, and increment the test cases for valid/invalid emails. Thanks to Günter Ernst for the pointers.

Fix ancient typo

update covered procs in test case

- support var args for "aa_log_result" like for "ns_log" and "ad_log"

- make form parsing via xpath more robust

(don't assume, every INPUT has a name, allthough it should)

extend regression test by including participants page during and after exam

Add 'object_p' test case, covering 'acs_object::object_p'

Add 'string_length_compare' test case, covering 'util::string_length_compare'

Add 'name_to_path' test case, covering 'util::name_to_path'

Add 'util_email_valid_p' test case, covering 'util_email_valid_p'

Increase verbosity

Add 'db_boolean' test case, covering 'db_boolean'

Add 'ad_future_years_list' test case, covering 'ad_future_years_list'

Add 'host_admin_and_outgoing_sender' test case, covering 'ad_outgoing_sender' and 'ad_host_administrator'

Add 'forum_enable_disable' test case, covering 'forum::enable' and 'forum::disable'

add a 10sec grace period to allow typing until the last seconds (but not longer)

Add all whitespace characters between double quotes when converting a dict to hstore

Many thanks to Guenter Ernst for the analysis.

Extended regression test

Add minimal test case for 'attachments::get_package_key'

Add minimal test case for 'dt_midnight_p'

- fixed display of total points in exam protocol: base calculations on total points rather than the points achievable based on progress

- fixed typo in message key

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    • +16
Improved handling of autosaved revisions

- reject autosave attempts when time for a student is up

(works for synchronized and non-synchronized exams)

- include submissions with autosaved content in exam protocol (even when state is "initial")

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    • +34
Fix typo

show personal bulk-notification link only if at least one user can receive the notification