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Fix parameter names

perform cleanup of WorkflowContainer after 10 minutes

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added total points (in addition to total minutes) to the exam overview

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Rework of the 'test_apm_parameter__register' and 'test_apm_package_instance__new' test cases.

Ignored disabled packages in both tests.

Check all enabled packages in 'test_apm_package_instance__new', instead of picking just one randomly, so all issues instantiating packages are found at once.

Indentation changes.

Ignore singleton packages that are already instantiated on 'apm_package_instance_new', preventing the execution of the after-instantiate callbacks

Convert content of host header field to lower case, since domain names are case insensitive

comment public methods

Keep tolerating parameter_id specified as unnamed argument in legacy code and warn about deprecation

Adapt tests to the new behaviour of 'apm_parameter_unregister'

Do not add admin_node to the component bars if it is empty

Reduce error level to warning in the nullchat test case, as the issue is driver related

improve documentation

add missing German message keys

address the update_attribute_from_slot problem for extended slots

by registering manual forwarders

Allow in testing mode always a "form" tag, independent of the antispam parameter settings

This addresses an issue, when one is running the regression test for xowiki on installations

with plain dotlrn, where otherwise the validator complains about the form tag in a form.

There should be a nicer way of doing this...

allow calling apm_parameter_unregister without "parameter_id"

previously, it was allowed to call it with an empty parameter_id, but not without it

remove calls to deprecated proc acs_lookup_magic_object (use acs_magic_object instead)

prefer db_0or1row for exists-queries

get rid of ancient parameters BootstrapCSS BootstrapJS, if these still exist

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remove spans for file-links and external links

upgrade to upstream version 3.1.1

don't include for bots

bump version to 0.7

prefer db_0or1row for exists-queries

improve warning message in case invalid characters are passed in

remove colons before object_id, otherwise there is an error from general comments

Fix null check

Fix '::acs::test::require_package_instance' query for cases when the site_node exists but no package is mounted

fix message key

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added URNs for toplevel YUI js files

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improve stylability: add glyphicons for external and file links

Many thanks to Monika Andergasse for the help!

Delete site_node after unmount in 'dotlrn_static::remove_applet'