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Unmount applet on removal

Add 'dotlrn_forums__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_forums::add_applet', 'dotlrn_forums::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_forums::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_forums::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_forums::remove_applet'

Whitespace changes

Implement 'dotlrn_forums::remove_applet'

Add 'dotlrn_faq__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_faq::add_applet', 'dotlrn_faq::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_faq::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_faq::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_faq::remove_applet'

Fix arguments

Implement 'dotlrn_faq::remove_applet'

Add 'dotlrn_evaluation__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_evaluation::add_applet', 'dotlrn_evaluation::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_evaluation::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_evaluation::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_evaluation::remove_applet'

Use 'dotlrn_applet::remove_applet_from_dotlrn', now that it is implemented

Add 'dotlrn_news__applet_portlet' test case, covering 'dotlrn_news::add_applet', 'dotlrn_news::add_portlet', 'dotlrn_news::add_portlet_helper', 'dotlrn_news::remove_portlet' and 'dotlrn_news::remove_applet'

improve message wording for message key

Fix glob flag

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Add page contract

distinguish between url and item_ref

don't rely on uppercase header field names

whitespace changes

whitespace changes

add safety-guard in case, someone tries to call action via hacking form hacking

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fix typoCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

add transtional code to support semi-upgraded folders (having no description field set)

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whitespace cleanup

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provide better argument name

switch to simple new group::update call with dict as argument

This change fixes as well a bug in install::xml::action::set-join-policy

since group::get returns a member "text" which is not accepted by


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provide configuration for exam folder

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provide additional configuration hooks when creating new pages

- p.source (copy variables from that site-wide page upon creation)

- p.configure (call a method for configuration of the page)

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provide mimetype to "text" field (otherwise form is incorrectly displayed in browser)

support passing a dict as argument to "group::update" (not only array)

support folder instances as prototype pages

provide a default menu config via proc

The setup of the menu of xowf instances can be now configured

via {config -use xowf}, new instances are created with this setup

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relax default samesite setting for login and session cookies to lax

This change was made because otherwise the "keep me logged in"

is often lost, e.g. also with toplevel navigation requests

(e.g. when navigating to the site via Google)