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Modify message keys

Add new chat skin 'minimal'.

Specially designed to be embedded in other pages, it provides a clean look without user list, full screen button, or anything else aside from the avatar, timestamp, user name and message.

file chat-minimal.css was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file chat-minimal.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Fix var name

Allow passing chat skin to 'chat::Chat login'

add EmailDeliveryMode 'ignore'. Similar to 'log' but less verbose.

use 'ignore' in case 'redirect' is set wihout a value for EmailRedirectTo

fall back to 'log' mode, when EmailDeliveryMode "redirect" is used without "EmailRedirectTo" value

add turkish message catalog

file acs-mail-lite.tr_TR.utf-8.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Fix parameter name in acs-mail-lite

provide a clearer name for method (flush_pattern_in_all_partitions) and make it protected

add one more sample combination of traced commands

new method PartitionedCache->flush_all_pattern to iterate over all partiations to perform a glob-style deletion from the cache

whitespace and spelling changes

fix variable name (many thanks to Franz Penz)

CompoundField->value: return always the value from get_compound_value

- acs_mail_lite::send_immediately: new switch for "-force_delivery_mode"

to force delivery mode for a single call (ignoring package parameter


- New potential value for "EmailDeliveryMode": "nssmtpd"

When this parameter is specified, the behavior is like

"smtp", but the code tries use the SMTP implementation

of the nssmtpd NaviServer module.

- It is also possible to combine "nssmtpd" with the delivery methods

"filter" or "redirect" simply by writing e.g. "filter nssmtpd"

- some refactoring to avoid repeated code

whitespace cleanup

add support for deleted users, handle this case centrally

Try to avoid double-counting in request statistics, when a user logs

in. Previously, when a user logs in, the user was counted once as

un-authenticated user, and once as authenticated one.

TODO: when this works sufficiently well, the same should be done

as well for the 24h statistics.

Use optionally nssmtpd as different mail delivery agent

when the "-experimental" flag is provided to

acs_mail_lite::send_immediately, and the NaviServer

nssmtpd modules is installed.

whitespace changes

changes for inclass-exam:

- open test run in a different frame

- use tailored proctoring code, when available

- improve screen after final exam submission

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Remove debug console logging

Improve comment

Remove unnecesary check

Show the "Enable notifications" button in the chat only if the user has not accepted, or explicitly denied, notifications yet

added support for time fractions (needed e.g. for more precise countdown timers)

improve output of xo::show_stack