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security::safe_tmpfile_p: fix false positive under macOS

This fixes as well the regression test for acs-tcl under macOS

provide an API for single-token signed values

modernize test

provide warning when split-location fails

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Test synonym api, cleanup redundant tests

Test cache initialization in an own test

Test additional api

Test additional behavior from api

Clarify commands scope

Declare additional coverage

Declare additional coverage

Consider failures obtaining the token as failure to verify the value and report into the log file

Fix boolean syntax in adp

Fix/modernize boolean syntax in adp

Declare api as tested

Make the api creating the Service Contract implementations for RSS in the file-storage package private, as they are meant to be invoked only once at install/uninstall time

Deprecate fs::torrent::get_hashsum, which can be replaced by a oneliner idiom on modern NaviServer

Increase proc coverage

Deprecate fs::add_created_version

This api was nowhere used in upstream code, however, allowed to create a new file object revision by text content, different from fs::add_version, which would only allow to create a revision from a file.

As the two apis were otherwise identical, I have ported the behavior of fs::add_created_version info fs::add_version.

The new fs::add_version will also take many defaults for unspecified parameters from the existing content item.

Make service contract implementation private

Give priority to the information provided explicitly to the api (the forum_id) in order to determine the package id and fallback to the connection context only when this is not available

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Provide package_id to the api explicitly

Cleanup unused variables