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improved checking of parameter values, which might be influenced via query parameters

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Added improved support for viewing and downloading of exam results

When results are available, "Points and Grades" can be used.

Results are available,

- for autocorrected questions, when the exam protocol was rendered, or

- for all types of questions, when lecturers have added manual gradings/comments.

Depending on whether a grading scheme was defined for the exam,

it is possible to view/download grades and grade statistics, or to these

just with points. It is also possible to get the total results per student

(including grades) or results per question.

The results are available

- in tabular form, with the ability to sort on the columns,

- as charts, and

- as csv-files (for loading into spreadsheets).

The version number was bumped to 5.10.1d50

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Validate start_date the same way as date

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Define variables as constants

Fully qualify global classes

Use a consistent idiom to check for undefined

AudioContext is now widely supported

Stop supporting old-sytle media capturing

improve field validation

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remove legacy code

Prefer an idiom that won't create a fresh object to reset array

Style changes:

- use ' instead of " consistently in the code

- use strict equality operators

Modernize javascript:

- use const and let instead of var to better specify the scope and lifetime of variables

Fix event we listen to

Shorten idioms

Modernize javascript

- prefer querySelector api

- use classList to manipulate the objects classes

Declare variable as constant

Style changes:

- use ' instead of " to delimit strings

- use strict equality operators

Modernize javascript idioms

Replace tmpnam api

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Cleanup leftover documentation

Replace api

Cleanup duplicated line

Replace api

Whitespace cleanup

Replace api

fix sort-handles for list-table

before this change, the sort-handles were only styled for

tables of CSS class table, for the CSS class "list-table",

the sorting indicators were undistinguishable

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::monaco

set type description for ::xowiki::formfield::reorder_box and ::xowiki::formfield::file

fix incorrect names in .xql files