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modernized appearance of acs-admin

bumped version to 5.10.1d4

Remember pool settings for the number-of-lines filter

Added pool filtering and improved layout for Bootstrap 5

- added filter option for pools on "long-calls" page

- added support for Bootstrap 5

- added adp:icon for parameter

- Bumped version to 0.65

xo::Table::Action: added property "CSSclass"

This property exists already for all other ::xo::Table::* widgets.

Bumped version number to 5.10.1d12

minor UI improvement

prefer adp:icon over old-style .gif files

removed obsolete argument

added "invisible" to the code documentation line

Handling of cases where exercises with 0 minutes (or empty minutes fields) are used,

or when the full exam has no minutes specifed

- Provide a hint on lecturers dashboard for questions with 0 minutes

- Don't provide timer on the lecturers dashboard

- Don't provide timer for the students

- Don't show timer for very short exams/quizzes (below 1 minute)

- Provide a hint on lecturers dashboard when no timer is displayed

- When the countdown timer has expired more than a minute, display the text

that the timer has expired, rather than counting to negative values.


* It is recommended to set the end-time of the exam manually,

when a time window is specified and the total exam time is provided as 0.

* When there is no timer, the special autosaving semantics for the end of the exam

will not work (trying to get a snapshort short before the exam end).

* When there is no time-budget, the time budget control ("be able" exams) won't work

- bumping version to 5.10.1d47

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shorten the description test and remove fa specifics

extended adp:icon

- added the feature "invisible" to <adp:icon....>

- added generic names "admin", "cog", "folder-add", "permissions", "search", and "unmount"

- added an overview page of adp-icons to the sitewide admin page

- bumped version to 5.10.1d22

reduce verbosity

Deactivate api-doc access for all registered users by default

Over many years, all "Registered Users" got per default access

to /api-doc. This is probably OK, when one assumes that the

registered users are developers. However, providing source code

access to all registered users can pose a security thread,

especially on large sites.

For new installs, api-doc is now just accessible for site-wide admins.

Providing more liberal rights for users can be achieved via

setting the permissions via the sitemap.

make update script more robust in case the table acs_privilege_descendant_map was already dropped

The old version worked on pg14, but as it looks, not on earlier pg versions.

improve message key

Reform of permissions UI in acs-subsite:

- use simplified tabular view "perm-include" per default, but

allow user to switch to old list-based view

- show number of inherited permissions by default instead of full list

(list can be long). Admin can switch to full list.

- improved configurability of permissions/one.tcl

* ability to pass privileges to be displayed

* provided flag to show inherited_permissions

* provided flag to show detailed permissions (list view)

- improved configurability of permissions/perm-include.tcl

* provided flag "detailed_permissions_p" to provide access

to the old style interface, where all types of privileges

can be provided to all types of parties

- improved functionality of www/permissions/perm-user-add-include

* added search field for filtering users

- modernized idioms

- improved spelling

- extended internationalization

- bumped version of acs-subsite to 5.10.1d9

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UI improvements

- fixed link for reloading on apm/version-view page

- added generic icon name "check" (common icon name for checkmark)

- bumped version of acs-templating to 5.10.1d21

- bumped version of acs-admin to 5.10.1d3

- improved layout: removed text-decoration for anchors rendered as buttons.

fix list pagination for Bootstrap 5

add information how many pages are currently selected in dnd mode

Fix documentation

Check that all competences exist inside of the get_set_id api, so that it can be embedded in the same query, make it possible that the returned set is empty, so that the require logic makes sense

Take retrieving the set_id out of the transaction, comment de-facto dead code and add remark

Prefer dict idioms

Avoid extra transaction on single statement

Inline SQL to fetch the current item and check for existance

Go to the datamodel directly to reduce number of queries

No need to check for existance in a separate query, prefer portable idioms

Use a slightly faster idiom to check for existance

Prefer doc as a tcl literal