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reduce hard-coded icons

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apply parse_adp_tags on full rendered text in www-view

Improved Bootrap5 support

- transformed PageInstance->adp_parse_tags into an adp_proc

xowiki::PageInstance->adp_parse_tags to ease usage outside methods.

- made personal-notification proc agonsitic of Boostrap 3

- renamed attribute "-glyphicon" to "-adpicon" in


and use adp:icon instead

- added regression test

- bumped version number to 5.10.1d26

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fix nesting and indentation

added "form-info-sign" and "download" icon to gyphicon/bi compatibility mapping

added links for font sources to ease the live of a designer

remove all occurrences of glyphicons

comment temporary solution

Use "adp:icon" and "adp:toggle_button" in select_question.form.page

Instead of using just Boostrap 3 specific code, this change makes the

Formpage usable for Bootstrap 3 and Boostrap 5.

ADP-parsing for form content

- new method "PageInstance->adp_parse_tags"

This method is similar to

template::adp_compile -string $HTML

but it just performs tag substion (and not ADP variable

substitution, since this is done differently concerning instance

attributes, etc) on the provided HTML chunk.

- apply adp_parse_tags on "PageInstance->get_form". This means that

every "form" (no matter whether this comes from the instance

attributes of from the instance variable) run through the ADP tag


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fix typo

provide link structure and bread crumbs to ease navigation

Make use of uniform styling based on adp:icon

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separating naviserver and aolserver specific files

file parse-procs-aolserver.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

file parse-procs-naviserver.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Improved toolkit support for homogeneous theming and appearance

This change included new tags for rendering icons and toggles. The

change makes it possible that an unchanged markup of icons can be

adapt itself according to a theme or a manual configuration. One can

use e.g. for Bootstrap 3 glyphicons, and when changing the theme to

Bootstrap 5, then bootstrap icons are used.

Furthermore, the new markup eases maintenance and helps to achieve a

consistent look-and-feel also, when design decisions are altered.

Both, bootstrap-icons and glyphicons are font-based. This leads as

well to a better user experience, since the number of requests are

substantially lower than with the previous approach based on .gif and

.png files. When the iconset is set to "classic" (package parameter in

acs-subsite), the old image files are used.

- new tag: <adp:icon name="NAME" title="..." style="..." class="...">

Icon-names available for all iconsets:









The page acs-admin/package/bootstrap-icons/sample contains more

detailed information, including the names which are identical

between bootstrap 3 and 5.

- bumped version number of acs-templating to 5.10.1d6

file style-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

New parameter for acs-subsite "CSSToolkit"

- potential values: empty ("", default), "bootstrap" (referring to Bootstrap 3) and

"bootstrap5" (referring to Bootstrap 5)

- When the value is empty then the CSS toolkit is determined based on

the name of the theme of the current subsite. When this name

contains bootstrap5 then "bootstrap5" is chosen as toolkit, when it conntains

bootstrap3, then "bootstrap" otherwise it is left empty.

New parameter for acs-subsite "IconSet"

- potential values: empty ("", default), "classic" (old-style gif/png images),

"glyphicons" (Part of Bootstrap 3), and "bootstrap-icons" (usable

for all themes).

- When the value is empty then the iconset is determined

based on the CSSToolkit and/or the installation of the

"bootstrap-icons" OpenACS packages. When the toolkit is "bootstrap"

this indicates "Bootstrap 3", and "glyphicons" are used. When the

"bootstrap-icons" package is installed, it is used, otherwise the

"classic" iconset is used.

- bumped version number of acs-subsite to 5.10.1d2

use member "cspMap" of resource_info dict for a more uniform naming

adaoption for bootstrap5

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committed missing file

file xowiki-bootstrap5-specific.css was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Improve message key and translations

provide basic support to make bootstrap3 and 5 switchable

bumped version to 5.10.1d25

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reduce verbosity

avoiding text hiding under footer

prefer bootstrap5 idioms and center text

reduce font size of footer

pin footer to the bottom, prefer bs5 classes over manual styles