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make end of options explicit

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make end of options explicit

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make end of resub options explicit

make end of resub options explicit

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mark end of switches to improve robustness, to support '-' in word variable

fix typo: list element '1' is the upper limit

util_return_headers: set default charset for text content (in case none is specified and none is set in the config file) to utf-8 (was iso-8850-1)

util_return_headers: align the behavior under AOLserver with NaviServer

cache failed name lookups in a per-request cache (flushing maybe overly conservative)

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bump version number

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added method "get" for "LockfreeCache" (somewhat similar to nsv_get)

Add basic doc, fixes acs-tcl.documentation__check_proc_doc automated test

add unmapping of slow-pool request for requests mapped via scheduled procedures

undo slow-pool mapping after some time (default 12h)

Hack to force user agents logging in via the test api to exhibit a cookie based authentication

improve spelling

Added support for row-level lock modes of PostgreSQL; used in "save" method of cr-items

This change is necesary to avoid potential dead-locks in concurrent "save" operations

address issue #3458 (many thanks to Maurizio Martignano)

- added dependency for ref-us-states

- prevent overquoting

prevent overquoting with OpenACS 5.10

removed SQL query, provided via xql

fix for spurious bracket (solves issue #3459, many thanks to Maurizio Martignano)

make call more robust in case "location" is not provided via config file

modernize HTML markup

modernize .adp files

fix typo

replaced deprecated API-calls

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improve Tcl code

- brace expressions

- prefer current idoms

modernize SQL

make package installable with current PostgreSQL and OpenACS

New package as provided by Jon Griffin

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