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reduce verbosity

Rename future_years_list as ad_future_years_list, create deprecated wrapper

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fix typo

- make "title" configurable via Action.payload dict

- whitespace changes

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    • +35

- new helper API call: "dict_to_fc" to convert from a dict to a form constraint spec.

- extended formfield answer and word statistics

- ckeditor4: add dimensions (width and height) when available to the configuration

- prefer variables over method calls

- added answer hints (one word, multiple words, ...) to text_fields widget

- form_page: maintain list of references such that the referenced page

knows if and from where it is referenced

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prevent double encoding of utf8 chars in links

still not sure, what the best way is, but for current situation,

this fixs potentially broken links

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not clear, why form-label with in "content-with-folders" have to be width limited

make_link calls: remove parameter "-with_entitites 0" since it is default

Reduce divergency between oracle and postgres codebase

Deprecate 'element' proc, defined without a namespace

Fix typo

Improve comments

remove unneeded statement

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remove file for running current xowiki under OpenACS 5.1 (an attempt, which would fail for other reasons)

improve spelling

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prefer spelling "SQL" over "sql" in sentences

improve spelling: prefer comma after "therefore" and friends

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improve spelling

improve documentation

improve spelling: prefer comma after "therefore" and friends

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improve comments

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add one more heuristic to deal with partial information returned from boomerang

provide a better name (site_node::delete_service_nodes) amd delete nodes of services packages as well

bugfix: unmounting a package could lead to a deletion of services used in other packages

A new API call "site_node::unmount_services" can be used to unmount all services in a first step.

unmount services before calling "site_node::delete -node_id $node_id -delete_subnodes -delete_package"

prevents collateral damage.

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whitespace change

improving comments

update version number of CKeditor

whitespace changes

prefer all caps spelling for SQL

improve spelling