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Improve Git repository rebuild

- support tags: CVS tags are exported to the Git mirror and should have the precedence over branches when collecting available channels. Tags are now exported correctly from the Git repos.

- limit exported versions: we can now limit the versions that will be exported and also those that will only be exported via the "compat" channel. This works via a flag to the proc.

- hardcode openacs.org in the documentation link fo the exported repo, as the assumption is that the link will be served from the xowiki instance there

- include a download button, as per the openacs.org version in the extracted repo

Whitespace cleanup

Fix typo

Update italian localization

Update italian localization

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Provide a Git-based implementation of the logics to rebuild the package repository on OpenACS.org

apm_git_build_repository will rebuild either from scratch (clone) or via update (pull) the core repository and all of the non-core packages currently hosted on the GitHub mirror.

A different "channel" is created for every release branch detected in the core repository and for the main branch.

Possible improvements:

- automated detection of the non-core repos (may require scraping or api integration with the Git mirror)

- allow to federate a package repository, e.g. allow any OpenACS instance to act as package repository for others

The new proc is currently not used anywhere. The idea is to experiment with it on openacs.org and eventually use it to replace the CVS implementation.

Port existing downstream translations for xowf

Formatting changes

Tolerate instances that do not ship with xowiki, as this is not a dependency

Provide a way to configure which backend we want to use for the captcha

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Flushing the cache completely is actually the right thing to do if we want to be more robust to cache pollution: see e.g. executing acs-authentication and acs-tcl automated tests during the same request

For consistency with other apis, cache the updated parameter value immediately and return it

Don't pollute the cache for other tests

Fixes acs-tcl.parameter__check_procs test when run after this one

Flush the cache only

this will behave as before, because specifying -delete will supersede all other flags and -set would not be applied.

Improve test for singleton package parameters (aka instance parameters of singleton packages):

- do not choose a parameter at random, test them all instead

- do not test for global parameters. For those, the api will behave differently

- do not test for parameters coming from the configuration file. The parameter::* api does not allow to manipulate those

- do not check for packages that are not mounted. A value would not be found for those

fix for versions-dependencis of the distributed .zip file of bootstrap icons

Unfortunately, the structure of the distributed .zip file is version dependent.

Versions greater or equal to 1.10.4 and less than 1.11.0 require a "font" in the path.

strengthen boolean variables in page contracts

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harden page contracts

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harden page contracts

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protect query-parameters against exceptions with empty values

The page_conract filter require a "notnull", otherwise it lets

values like ...?v=&... through, although {v:boolean} was used.

These empty values will cause exceptions, when it is later

assumed that "v" has a proper boolean value.

added standard parameterizations for Argon2 when supported.

Quote URLs rendered inside of markup

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Fix idiom: the value should be null to not be counted

Provide the id directly to the subquery to improve planning and execution, use quicker json idioms to count review outcomes

Make values optional, as the user should supply them via the form

bugfix: provide proper encoding for text phrases in email addresses

Previously, mails to addresses of the form


where PHRASE contains UTF-8 were sent without the required encoding.

One many systems, this was perfectly fine, but on some, these

where leading to mangled characters. Now, the "to_addr" adresseses

and the "from_addr" address of acs_mail_lite::send_immediately

are properly encoded. Note, that "to_addr" is a list of addresses.

Many thanks to Franz Penz for reporting this.

Prefer the test authority: downstream local authorities may depend on other systems to perform additional checks, which may fail on a test user

Export catalog via the UI to normalize sorting and quoting

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Export message keys via the UI to normalize sort order and quoting and reduce downstream conflicts

more upstream version updates (font-awesome, bootstrap-icons)

font-awesome 6.4.2 (e.g. twitter -> "x" brand icon change)


Bootstrap Icons v1.11.1 (100 new icons, including brand icon "x")

now including new floppy disk icons, additional brand icons, new person icons,

new emojis, some birthday cake, a few new science icons, and .... in total more than 2,000 icons