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Deprecate bulk_mail::pretty_name, trivial wrapper to the parameter api, which won't do anything to ensure that the pretty_name we are retrieving actually comes from a bulk-mail instance

Deprecate bulk_mail::parameter, which implements a global parameter logic

For now, the occurrences have just been inlined (fixing also the inconsistent naming PrettyName vs pretty_name). A future reform might create a proper global parameter for this.

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Complete coverage for the package

Fix syntax for proc coverage

Expect arbitrary arguments on inherited methods, detect instance variables that should be passed to the object creation in save_new

Test chat room creation

This test now fails because certain acs_object metadata are not taken from instance variables, but from the context

file chat-test-procs.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

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Fix typo, make mailNickname required as per Microsoft specs (see https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/team-clone?view=graph-rest-1.0&tabs=http#request-body)

Many thanks to Sebastian Scheder

Deprecate template::form::export, superseded by export_vars

Test all the cornercases of this api as intended, without using ad_tmpnam

Make sure the cal item notification has at least 1 subscriber

increased value checking for paramter that might be influenced by user input

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Use a test admin user to run the ics test

Fix typo

Test db_foreach with -column_set with at least 2 rows to check that feering the ns_set works properly

Repair -column_set flag

A more efficient approach would use db api returning ns_sets directly, rather than db_list_of_lists, however this would require a deeper refactoring.

Test db_foreach -column_set flag, documented and used e.g. in the schema-browser

Cover additional api

Make Service Contract implementations private

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Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage

Increase proc coverage, add more interesting values to the test

Test other trivial wrappers

Increase proc coverage

reduce verbosity

Fake the node_id when test is run outside of a connection

Many thanks to Thomas Renner

Fix actual coverage

Don't load the DAV callbacks when oacs-dav is not installed

Fix typos

Commit remaining files