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Append the category extra where clause to the others, possibly existing, extra where clauses, only when the with_category flag is specified

improve Oracle compatibility

improve Oracle compatibility (many thanks to Raul Rodriguez)

fix ADP expression (may thanks to Raul Rodriguez)

add one more alternative end, in case nt_load_end is not available

Rset, rather than count, existing handlers in the test

Fix idiom

Streamline idiom, reduce access to the cache

Fix incorrect HTTP status code on result page

The command "ad_return_error" returns HTTP status code 500 (internal server error).

In this script, this status code was returned in cases, where no notifications

were found for an object. "ad_return_exception_page" is better suited for such


Don't go to the cache to tell if package is installed

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Don't go to the cache to tell if a command is available

Don't go to the cache to tell if commands are available

Don't go to the cache to tell if the views package is installed

boomerang: substitute 'nt_load_end' by 'nt_domcontloaded_end' when nt_load_end is not available

make spelling more consistent

improve source code comments

fix typo

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fix variable name for base_items and reeanble deactivate code

new feature for caching infrastructure: flag "-per_request"

When this feature is used, the cache is locked max 1 time per request,

the results are stable for this request. This feature is useful for caches

having a potentially high number of locks per request.

The new feature is used currently for checking, if a package is enabled.

Allow to specify multiple, already computed forms ids

Allow to filter entries also by extra where clause (e.g. for non instance attributes such as the state)

Comment dead code: base_items is set, but never used

improved autorenewal message

improve spelling

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Cleanup leftover util user messages, that we won't persist anymore

file upgrade-5.10.1d12-5.10.1d13.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-10.

Util user messages reform: do not store the messages persistently in the database, as they are volatile in nature

Util user message reform: when a message is repeated, do not create a new entry, but just increase a counter, which will be displayed when the message is retrieved

Increase test coverage

harden page contract for referer parameter to avoid hard error from ad_returnredirect

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Make so that the path where the file is stored is returned by the request, in a way that should be correct on MacOS where the temp folder is user specific and cannot be therefore assumed to be /tmp for everyone