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Make publish_body required, as we already enforce it down the line

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Fix more boolean expressions

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    • +3
take page contract into account + harden page contract

harden page contract

harden page contract

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prefer global variable over proc

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deactivate options checking for for role-members

seems currently broken

increase default value of number of potential alternatives to 25

refine form.form and validation errors

harden page contract

Simplify documentation

Fix typo in doc

provide (non-default) message keys for "form.form.page"

align instance variable values of formfield "form" with "textarea" to make subclassing simpler

Fix provide language prefixes for pages in the test

Fix template case

Comment out test on WIP feature

add minimal check that page is from the current package

Export the "m" request parameter to support the use case of this UI being integrated as a XoWiki method template

catalog changes: add a period at the end of full sentences

fix for initial (boostrap) installation

slightly better way to handle testing in vanilla instances

improve robustness on invalid input

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whitespace changes

reduce verbosity

reduce level of verboseness

fix bug: tcl clock format %e returns in current versions single digit values with leading whitespace, which are invalid values for the options field.

Since non of the date-component fields is supposed to contain leading (or trailing) white-space,

this is now trimmed.

Compute class info in the error message only when c exists and is a class

fix typo

don't tolerate silently invalid calling patterns (probably in downstream code)