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Whitespace changes

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Don't display an empty list element when comment_url is empty

Whitespace cleanup

Now that the proctoring display UI has been ported, notify by default new proctoring events via websockets

Do not handle 400 responses in any special way: cases found in practice were always the result of a client-side timeout

Hide timing information from the user

Streamline proctoring upload:

- do not hardcode a timeout, requests will either complete or eventually fail

- use a single event handler at the end of the request to decide if and how to reschedule the upload. This prevents the possibility that the same error event triggers multiple uploads via different handlers

- improve documentation

improve error messages for autosave-handler

added type per question to exam overview

provide a nicer exam-overview

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intensify argument checking

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make function "get_current_folder" more robust in case invalid data is fed in

new web-callback method "www-update-references"

This method can be called on the package-level to

referesh all page references (from wiki-links) for

an instance.

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Added support for "-orderby" to includeletes "toc" and "book"

Previously, these includelets could be only used when a page_order was given.

In some cases, the base functionality came in handy for other cases, such

as e.g. a glossary.

provide nicer icon for revisions button

provide more detailed test-item descriptions for exam/question overviews

improve message keys

added exam-overview

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make grading checke configurable via URL, make calculations more robust

CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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added policy for supporting view of revisons, used more detailed message key values for supporting rounding by points or revisions

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added button for form-usages for displaying revisions

Improve further: flush the object only when the state changes

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Improve fix:

in FormPage www-edit, just after the save_data operation we render the FormPage to refresh the references. We should flush the form object cache here, as otherwise any formfield spec will come from the form in the previous state

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Reinstate oacs-dav as a dependency... there is api usage that is not so easy to replace at the moment

Remove non-functional "double click protection" in order to remove a potential attack vector

added page contract filter "printable" to avoid potential DB errors on certain binary values

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added page contract filter "printable" to avoid passing of binary values to certain pages

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avoid site-map lookups from the DB when the connections is already closed. This avoids hard DB-errors when the URL contains invalid characters

fixed bug introduced 8 months ago

Fix test category, add tested api