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Upgraded version to reflect i18n. Added catalog file

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file logger.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

Fixed problem with finding the correct url for a subproject. Sadly this still won't work with notifications for subprojects which will be considerably more easy once we have the package_id stored with the object.

eliminates ugly border around list sort arrows for list-narrow style

query returns response_label not label

add some common mimetypes, bump version, upgrade scripts provided

check both the ad_form elements and the template elements

inverted logic and the wrong element key from last commit

duh A-F not A-f

fix expanding hex entities resolves bug 2454

fix expanding hex entities resolves bug 2454

use template::element::exists for checking if an element exists for validation blocks - faster and works in the event you added an element directly via the form api

Fixed the permissioning so that a new project inherits form the package or parent_project. Added the updateing of context_ids for existing packages using a webpage. The SQL upgrade script is still missing.

Added display of status

adding message keys

adding message keys

Fixes for usability done by martin magerl

add postgres data model scripts so far

Fixed small issue with title

Removed add image

Fixed mini calendar

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Add empty alt tags to invisible spacer gifs.

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Add empty alt tags so invisible GIFs don't show up in text browsers.

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removing depricated center tags

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submit-button class

accessabiliyt changes

accesbility changes

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Add link titles to view links. Uses acs-datetime message keys.

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Add titles to calendar navigation. Add message keys.

add alt text in image right.gif and left.gif