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the sequence for authority_id should be acs_object_id_seq not auth_authority_id_seq (which does not exist)

check for unnamed constraints on postgres

name constraints

name constraints and make lob_data.lob_id on delete cascade

name the cr_revisions_lob_fk constraint in cr_revisions

name the references acs_rels(rel_id) constraint

add a debug to log registering filters

bug 1842 - reverting default portal

Bumped to version 2.0b1. No other changes.

bug 1842 - removig debugging

Bump project-manager to version 1.1b1

Adds in the option to email comments made on projects

fix to 1842- default portal

Added random-book includelet

file random-book.adp was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

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file random-book.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

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fixing impossible version dependency so it will install

one more time... fix to previous submission

fixing problems with previous submission

fix to 190 - theme consumed by merge

Update to apm package body in v1.26.2.1 of apm-create.sql,to include a bugfix/simplication to the cursor in apm.register_parameter.

fix to 1842 - changing default portal layout

fixing bug in previous submission

Updated version number in the url to match package version number.

fixing bug 1866

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Ported Andrew's Oracle patch to register parameter.

Ported Andrew's Oracle register parameter patch.

fix bug #1939

fix bug #1939

Fixes sorting and display of roles in project view page