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fix column count in table

Use auth::require_login instead of the custom login check block

Order the user dropdown

added handling for subnavbar link text

moving object page back to root

more mockups

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making the ::twt::crawl_links work much better than before

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fix ulink href= to url=

fix ulink using href rather than url

making sure run script is edited in the case of custom AOLserver config file. Making sure permissions are always set correctly on whole tree

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fixing unbalanced braces

stubbed out simplay pages, many little fixes, documentation updates

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bug fixing / enhancement

Gave Roc commit privs on photo-album

dont put the giant comment inside the function defintion for tree_ancestor_keys since it gets logged to the postgresql log ugh

Offer link to DB documentation and search

change makefile to create symlink to docbook xsl so openacs.xsl does not have to change

Merging bug fix from HEAD. Fixes bug#1163 and bug#1153.

New 19 parameter version of content_item__new and new

version of content_item__is_valid_child to allow setting and checking

or relation_tag. Fixes bug#1153 and bug#1163

change chunk.xsl back to what it was

remove broken ad email addresses, fix links, talk about forums instead of bboard

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query pinds_blog_entry__url not oracle compatible, moved it to xql files

file pinds-blog-entry-sc-procs-oracle.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

file pinds-blog-entry-sc-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-5-0.

changed query reference member_p to group::member_p

fix sql file display code

fixed bug #926


fixed bug #926

removed sim_roles and sim_workflow_cases tables