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Fixed notifications formatting bug

Register content types for content revision and content_folder

to new folders.

Template engine now localizes message strings embedded within @variables@

Fixed bug where resources were reformatted after being approved.

added installation instructions for PHP and Squirrelmail

replacing use of simulation::get_object_options with simulation::object::get_object_type_options

more TODOs and fixes in simplay

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Recursive tasks

Definition-level support for recursive workflows

making the demo data setup script do a minimal end-to-end test by instantiating the tilburg template loaded from spec and then having Demo User 1 execute two tasks, send a message, and upload a document

Made shell more robust

Added link to flush util_memoize cache

Accept return_url

simplay mockups

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- Fixed on delete cascade -> on delete set null for workflow_fsm_actions

- Added definition level tables for recursive workflows

renamed dev support thingie to "toolbar"

Tasks: You can pick a child workflow and role mappings, but it won't get stored in the DB

Fixed bug with mark_ready_url when creating new template

Bad attempt at left outer join

Added author blurb

Added instructions on how enable nsopenssl on AOLserver4

Added installation instructions for AOLserver4 and nsopenssl 3

bug fixes

finishing permissions testing. Restructuring demo data setup script into procs which is much more maintainable


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bugfix: sim_template_array was not defined on new_request so checking for that before trying to access variable value

Trying to get better structure on the template-edit page

Documenting workflow::action::fsm::get

Show the new state

Setting tasks enabled in states is working