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properly support EnabledIPs parameter.

check is ds_enabled_p in ds_add

fix date format on request-info page

change sweeper so it can sweep data even if

there is no start record with the request.

package key is acs-developer-support no developer-support.

rollback Dons commit which should have gone in on 4.6 rather than HEAD

- remove superfluous memoizes from parameter lookups

- move ds_collect_connection_info to rp_filter

- remove rp_finish_serving_page from rp_invoke_filter since it would

return the page twice when trace filters existed.

- remove some cruft.

Hide delivery method if there's only one option

Only use display_value if widget isn't hidden

Added link to package parameters

march in norwegian should be mars, not marts, of course... Thanks Erik Valevatn

Removed now-slow PG-specific query and fixed the generic one which counted

segment members too many times ...

indb renamed to indb_p

Removed reference to removed file storage proc

Added DanW's switch tag.

Add DanW's change to set form vars from edit_request block

fix current_time rather than current_timestamp bugs

remove spurious curly brace

rewrite the sessions_sweep query so it will use an index on last_hit

prevent functions from failing in the event that the url does not parse

Minor bug fix tweaks to the Oracle version, and some rewriting on the

PostgreSQL side to better match the structure of the Oracle side.

Not marking procs for reloading anymore after package installation. Adding comment saying server must be restarted after installation and upgrading of packages.

Adding parameter PermissionCacheTimeout that determines the lifetime of the permissions cache. Adding comment to PermissionCacheP parameter saying server must be restarted after change. Removing instantiation of acs-kernel in acs-install.sql (not needed as its done in apm_install_package).

Making apm_source update the apm_library_mtime variable (just like the analogous proc for xql files does). Making installation log much less information to the browser (changing from apm_ns_write_callback to apm_dummy_callback). Moving initialization of util_memoize cache to happen before first package is installed (fixes bug 242).

Lars added proc util_get_current_url. Removing updates of nsv apm_library_mtime that now happen in apm_source proc. Removing proc apm_mark_packages_for_bootstrap that was used to avoid server restart after package installation (we are now requiring server restart). Moving flushing of package_installed_p cache to happen at end of apm_package_install proc instead of the beginning. Adding parameter PermissionCacheTimeout that determines the lifetime of the permissions cache.

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change the delete from acs_permissions to be a dynamic sql delete since the table is not defined at the time the package body is created. Its a hack but further cleanup will have to wait for 4.7

Fixed various problems with the new permissions and minor main site changes

remove conflict markers from Dons commit. fixes bug 243

finish my sentence about why the pkg body being replaced. Thanks Don.

Added a note that joining is more efficient than using the get_live_revision function

First cut at Oracle perm rewrite and some whacking around on the PG version

Adding norwegian datetime info. Thanks Erik Valevatn.

removing two duplicate message keys from the news package. Thanks Jarkko

quoting the value attribute of submit buttons since when it's multilingual it might be multiple words. Thanks to Jarkko for catching this.

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