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some code for seeing if files are newer than a certain number of days ago

portlets are arranged more like SSv1, but more consistently using force region and ordering. added ordering hack to community-procs.tcl. also rem'd the non-member static porlet for now

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added last_modified to fs_folders view

Removed interval keyword from news__status function.

comment out non-member stuff

applied andrew grumet's patch to fix up some silly bugs in here

fixed up the displaying of the weekly widget

fixed up the full portlet

updated the widget to actually work

fixed order of loading for new dependencies

Added Lars Pind's patch #196 which lists out packages that didn't install

along with a reason.

Applied Michael Steigman's patches 199-201, which fixes package spec/body

mismatches allowed by Oracle 8i but not by 9i.

Applies Lars Pind's patch #206 which fixes some cookie problems.

Applied Tilmann Singer's patch #205 which sets the admin e-mail address as

the "from" field for e-mail mailed to a newly-registered user.

Applied Tom Jackson's patches that make random assigned passwords work.

Applied Jowell Sabino's patch #215 which fixes a problem with image deletion.



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separating packages from ddl

merged Don's changes with mine

fixed package creation

working around limitations in acs_object_types caused an error in the creation of the base dotlrn_community_types; this will be fixed once i fix the acs_object_types table

adding license


license breaks xql files

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adding license

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adding license

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adding license

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adding license

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adding license text