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added support for snapshot mirror dropping membership

fix format column to be varchar instead of varchar2 for pg bug 1946 patch 550 Stan Kaufman

add commit for Deds Castillo, give roelc commit on all, remove ns_xmlrpc

Bug 1944: spelling mistake

bad quoting of string literal in plpgsql functions

somehow had a oacs-5-0 version of this file, fix for n_bytes on portrait upload

merge fixes from oacs-5-1 for content length and cleanup

remove inline sql from upload-2.tcl, clean up code, set content_length on new upload

remove inline sql from upload-2.tcl, clean up code, set content_length on new upload

Release of project-manager 2.1b1

Main project page now limits view by assignee

Added in email notifications when you are assigned to a project.

Wouldn't let me tag after adding to HEAD so am committing directly...

Committing re-added upgrade file

Added more detail into the Deployment with CVS section. Still rough.

Oops did this wrong ... want to do exactly what Andrew did for consistency

Upgrade to apply previous register parameter bug fix

file upgrade-5.1.1d1-5.1.1d2.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

When changing the project of a task, the logger entries weren't moved

over to the new project.

Remove ts2_ from function calls. The wrapper functions don't exist.

add a test for is_empty, untabify the test files, fix some var_list problems

some tweaks for content-item funcs, make them return package_exec_plsql return val, move had a bug

add define_function_args definitions for most functions, bump to 5.2.0d5, upgrade script

Context bar

Added standard context bar

Added title property

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Fixed typo in message key

Changed to work with standard OpenACS site-master template

Deleted whitespace

Drop parenthesis from UI