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calling right callback proc

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adding allow/disallow self-register, by Hector Amado hr_amado@galileo.edu

adding allow/disallow self-register, by Hector Amado hr_amado@galileo.edu

Changed the maxinput to 5MB with 1024*1024 syntax. Added recvwait parameter.

Initital tests for CR Tcl API.

Adding preliminary Tcl API. See TIP#67. Thanks to Jeff Davis for the

script that converted the pl/sql procedures to tcl procedures.

bug 1879 - redirecting to the community admin page

Added in nsopenssl support for Aolserver 4.

adding ims-ent package files, initial commit

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Added in tutorial from rubick.com to content repository documents, so

other developers can change it or improve it.

bump MaximumFileSize to 20mb, add text: Should not be set larger than the systemwide AOLServer parameter maxinput. Resolves bug 374

PG tweaks removing a couple of unnecessary things

improved the logic in the change locales includelet

Added maxinput parameter. Set it to 5MB, which allows OpenACS parameter to kick in more effectively. See http://openacs.org/forums/message-view?message_id=161698

Bumped the version number so existing installs can benefit from a fix

Jeff made weeks ago that breaks acs-mail-lite from working.

Applied patch #529 (hope that's alright): Patch to correct problems

regarding sendmail procedure in acs-mail-lite-procs.tcl. This should

fix bug #1888.

do not create the cc_users_of_package_id view since we dont create application_users view anymore so its not used

Clarifies use of local customization parameter, as per bug #1890.

Added a link for showing assessments

- adding option to get redirected to the group admin pages after uploading an assignments in groups

- adding option to download all the answers of a given assignment in a zip file

- adding option to add the assignments in more communities from the same page

- fixing bugs

- adding procs in tcl/sql to handle the first 3 cases

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file for download the answers of the students

Pretty printing

Added a link for showing assessments

Manage the presentation of the assessments

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Added a link for showing assessments

Adding files I missed.

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Missing table in query (PG adds them Oracle is strict ala SQL99 standard)

Removed stray ";" ... Oracle doesn't like them

Remove set_curcfg from create.sql. Created wrapper functions for

to_tsvector and to_tsquery to call set_curcfg each time.

Fix search proc to return correct count and properly use limit and offset

so pagination of search results works.