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tightening the regexp to find message lookups in the system. The regexp will still find too much, but it's reasonably good now.

re-adding keys I removed previously. My bad

re-adding keys lost in last commit. My mistake

fixing bug introduced on last API cleanup commit

re-adding keys lost between version 1.38 and 1.39. Need to prevent this from happening again

Fixing function variable references in get_attribute_value.

re-adding keys lost on last commit

changed more log Notices to Debugs

improving check for whether tcl message lookups are represented by keys in message catalog files

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Quoting the message

Fixed PG query

Query on Oracle hadn't gotten the extra columns added that the PG query had

I18n of list-builder ('no data')

Fixed bad list in acs-templating-init, where the word 'repeat' had been dropped from the wizard section

Fixed message key with missing ", and added list-builder message key

added link to sitewide admin for installing more packages

making dynamic key message lookups comply with new convention

adding new instructions for how to do valid dynamic key message lookups

Added debug log statement to installer

Fixed bug in upgrading, upgraded from version_id instead of version_name

- Added apm_highest_version_name proc

- Added package pretty name to apm_version_get

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Indenting of documentation

Fixed stupid little typo: string ... instead of string equal

Fixed parameters test case to expose problem with unique constraint/primary key on auth_driver_params on Oracle, and to do a better job of testing the parameters framework

Fixed bug in auth_driver_params on Oracle, table had wrong unique constraint instead of primary key constraint

cleanup and renaming of import/export procs in lang::catalog namespace. Now there are really only two public procs to know about: lang::catalog::import and lang::catalog::export. Updating all invocations of the procs and test cases. Adding proc lang::message::unregister for deleting message keys - used in test case teardown.

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Someone changed 'checked' to 'checked="checked"' on elements, which broke the display-mode of radioboxes and checkboxes. Fixed.

new stylesheets and documentation

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Default values for enabled_p and batch_sync_enabled_p

Fixed bug with batch sync always appearing disabled