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making use of util_text_to_url to generate authority short_name. Improving batch job entry select query

Improved error logging when driver returns bad code

Prevent users from changing state for themselves, thus shutting themselves out of the system

Removed generated timestamp, so CVS doesn't get so confused when messages change

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Kill the timestamp on the catalog files, it only causes confusion by CVS

Updated text message

Audit had a message lookup, which didn't work when the message had %...% stuff in it

wrapping insert and edit in a transaciton in ::create proc

Fixed help-contact-text problem on local authority

Fixed richtext issues

adding format column for the help_contact_text richtext column

Use error message from the catch

adding admin check on delete and disable, removing blockquotes, removing short_name from UI

changing pretty names, auto-generating short_name of authorities, adding the can_admin_system_without_authority_p proc

- Changed callbacks list to use list builder

- Added callback invoke feature

Fixed unterminated string in acs_sc_impl__new, and untabified the entire file

removing sourcing of 20-memoize-init as it's sourced on previous page

making pretty_name of acs_sc_impls default to null in plsql new function

using named parameters in call to acs_sc_impl.new

Cleaned out the registered files count, which was always zero

Shortened the page title

the three argument acs_sc_impl__new function was previously removed but it's used in more than 50 places in the code. Adding it back

Had left a debugging error statement in the code

Fixed account message on creation; fixed email verification

Added -- after call to ad_text_to_html to prevent argument from being considered a switch

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fixed tdom link

Bug in sending out email verification email

Fixed email verification

Fixed display of account messages on login

Fixed handling of account messages