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removing temporary (debugging) log statement

adding message catalog files to dotlrn.info file

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removing temporary log statements

removing debug printout

adding package version information to message catalog files

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adding the Message Catalog APM file type to the TCL API

adding the Message Catalog APM file type to the datamodel

adding package_version information to catalog file

making sure message catalog files are loaded during package installation and package upgrade

adding message catalog upgrade support to the acs-lang package. message keys and messages now have an upgrade status (added, deleted, updated). Being more rigorous about determining what is a catalog file and moving this logic to the acs-bootstrap-installer package (apm_is_catalog_file) as it is needed before the acs-lang library is loaded. Updated procedure documentation.

adding package version information to message catalog files

updaing info file for release of version 4.7d4 of acs-lang package

removing outdated release notes

removing a set of patches that seem clearly outdated and would only confuse people

removing debug printout

message catalog upgrade support - adding upgrade_status columns to tables lang_messages and lang_message_keys

fix required/required_p error

fix required_p which was making all new questions required no matter how

it was set

Removed (currently unnecessary) "for update" clauses - with the transaction

gone, they only slow things down. If we want multiple sweepers to work we

will need to do something but the huge transaction causes problems on systems

with a lot of bulk mail activity (sloanspace, in particular)

Made the queries match the working PG queries

Some semicolons snuck in from my test .sql files

remove the large db_transaction bulk_mail::sweep bug 93

Improved test scripts slightly.

file test-cleanup.tcl was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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file test.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

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The never ending attempt to fix notifications ...

Sort the list of root URLs by name

add search by IP in complex-search, add source IP, homepage, link to public page to one.tcl,adp

caching version of get_function_args query

use parent_id is null rather than tree_level(forums_messages.tree_sortkey) = 1 since it's much faster

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