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lookups should be drawn from all packages, not only the package of the catalog file. Got burned on the fact that xargs invokes egrep multiple times making my or construction fail.

use where exists rather than select distinct since it can be 10-50x faster for this query

I18N: moving Rename Page string into message catalog

sync info files with package data and correct provides identifiers

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file plpgsql-utility-procs-postgresql.xql was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

remove missing files from .info, misnamed plpgsql-utility-procs-postgres.xql should have been plpgsql-utility-procs-postgresql.xql

removing large commented out pieces of code from home.tcl, I18N: moving the default texts for screen name and portrait title into the message catalog. As a result, nvl / coalesce was no longer needed and I could remove the home-oracle.xql file

removing file www/permissions/revoke-2-oracle.xql from info file as the file doesn't exist anymore

removing file www/users/modify-admin-privileges-oracle.xql from info file as file doesn't exist

removing file www/permissions/revoke-2-oracle.xql from info file as the file doesn't exist anymore

remove body and notes from page contract and use form validation for them

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Fixed SDM bug #1904, missing "as" in a query

Extended ad_schedule_proc to allow use of ns_schedule_weekly and

ns_schedule_daily rather than just ns_schedule_proc.

use the faster acs_permissions_all view on postgresql

templated, made to browse tree, and quote plaintext to avoid cross site scripting security holes

file index.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

file one.adp was initially added on branch oacs-4-6.

add search code

Fixed the text entry box showing the tail end of the HTML tags on the page. Added closing tag.

1. Changed cleanup sweep interval to 15 minutes

2. Fixed broken PostgreSQL and Oracle queries that were supposed to select

notifications for deletion but rather returned all notifications if any

were ripe for deletion, causing seemingly random failure to deliver

notifications. Sloan had hacked this with a kludge to only delete

notifications older than two days but this didn't work on openacs.org,

which supports weekly summaries of notifications.

3. Changed notification::new to not insert notifications that have no

pending requests. This avoids having to waste time deleting them


4. Added notification_request::request_exists which returns true if

there's at least one notification request for a given object and

notification type.

5. Added a couple of indexes to speed queries that ran slow on openacs.org.

fixing broken member-add page by removing rel_type column that is not selected in the xql:s

Merged patches from OACS 4.6 branch to openacs.org: component-ae and version-ae drop-downs of all users replaced with search widget; search/assignee widget now displays emails

permissions lars for openacs.org-dev commits

Fixed version-ae and component-ae so they use the search widget. Also fixed minor bug in bug-tracker-procs, where I'd forgotten to add the email of the current user.

Added email to the drop-down of users to pick from as assignees

no postgres support bug 77/patch 12 Vinod Kurup

acs_function_args should have been define_function_args

remove oracle file, fix fetch_paths query, comment on idiocy of existing delete function fixes bug 81

use ns_returnfile for returning files from the content repository

fixes spam from download bug 1675/patch 514 Vinod Kurup

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