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regexp correction - dash is a permissible character in a message catalog key

making the faq portlet admin pretty name use the message catalog

I18N: converting faq package to using the message catalog. Adding some danish translations. Adding popup javascript confirmation to deletion of FAQ:s and questions

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fix service contract file. unported from oracle.

fix call to question__delete should be question__remove

fix question_delete (change to remove)

adds template::paginator::get_row_last, template::paginator::get_pages_info

better documentation

template::paginator::get_page_count now correct.

non integer ID support

patch 493 Deds Castillo

fix ad_html_to_text pre CRLF to return mapping (was inserting literal \n)

fix ad_html_to_text pre CRLF to return mapping (was inserting literal \n)

fix typo

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fix survey copy

fix question renumbering

I18N: adding danish translation of news

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allow component_id to be passed in URL

I18N: converting dotlrn-fs to using the message catalog

I18N: converting file-storage to using the message catalog

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I18N: adding support for handy interpolation of variables into localized messages from tcl files by using upvar

Adding links to message catalog translation UI from site-wide admin page and from the locale preference page for users, adding explaining text to translation UI

Made message URLs be of the form "forums/<forum>/message/<message_id>"

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Added code to deal with trailing /'s so links wouldn't get screwed.

Fixed some minor details.

Initial index.vuh to give forums the ability to respond to "pretty" URLs,

i.e.: /forums/openacs (instead of /forums/forums-view?forum_id=34245) and

/forums/56803 instead of /forums/message-view?message_id=56803.

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allow html in external link descriptions

Applied patch #503 to fix bug #1914: Problem with posted_date and timezones

added the danish locale - OpenACS now supports danish...

removed the locale master template that the acs-lang admin pages were using

added the danish locale

fix line endings

add missing query for get_response_info

add missing query for do_notifications.get_response_info