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the check that lookups in adp and tcl files are in the catalog file was broken because of a quoting mistake - fixed

back out Bens changes per bug 3

make link forward rather than email to prevent brain confusion for crb

ad_maybe_redirect_for_registration for posting

fix stupid get_pages error

fixed the paginator get_pages proc which would break when pages < groupsize, added query name to error for missing CURRENT_PAGE_SET message

fix list

design tweaks

clean up image

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new etp app, simply lists site-nodes directly beneath

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add new site-node app

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diable ds support

remove the content_select notice for general comments

don't covert html to text unless it really is html

fix abstract data type for postgresql, add blob

fix renumbering after delete

fix question-delete change db_exec_plsql to db_dml

add postgresql file

fix survey_question_copy

redirect for registration on manage, add redirect to manage as index.tcl

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cleanups on the manage link

fix pretty name

remove center tags

honor the max days old parameter for postings

new blue icon

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add attribute to new.gif

add new icon to message list

new icon

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added notifications documentation!

oracle support added by bduell@ncacasi.org merged from HEAD