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the catalog check script wasn't checking adp lookups properly, typo, improved indentation

I18N: converting the forums application to using the message catalog

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Fixed bad primary key on host_node_map table. Note: Fixes to Oracle data model have not been tested.

Got rid of references to acs_object_id_seq view in apm-create, which were causing some errors

1. Minor wording change to the static pages admin index template

2. Made ad_form_new_p require a key name since guessing's arcane and


The page name wasn't properly quoted before getting sent to the dimensional proc

Append to header_stuff instead of overriding it. Merged in change from to Or tried to.

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Append to header_stuff instead of overriding it

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updated the I18n instructions to point to the script for checking catalog files

adding script for checking consistency of catalog files

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make timestamps ISO 8601 compliant. Get the TZ offset as the current TZ offset which is wrong but only off by 1hr at most (unlike the hardcoded -0600)

create the autosubscribe_p column on forums_forums table

acs-events provided acs-event. now provides matches package key

clean up date formatting.

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fix postgresql data model

fix plsql call instead of db_dml

fix foreign key constraint to refer to cr_revisions instead of cr_items

quote tcl string passed in query, missed oracle file

quote single quotes in tcl string passed to SQL query

removing debugging form for toggling locale in the master template

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making the dotlrn package (with its .adp, .info, and .tcl files) use the message catalog

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making the portlet pretty name and other texts use the message catalog

making the portlet pretty name use the message catalog

localize portal page names and portlet names on the fly with lang::util::localize, converted some literal text to message catalog

merging lang-catalog-init.tcl and lang-message-init.tcl into acs-lang-init.tcl

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changing message lookup so that if no locale is provided and there is no HTTP connection then the system locale is used

making localize proc output a TRANSLATION MISSING message

removing debugging code

making it possible to import/export message catalog data to/from the filesystem for a package version

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changing to provide acs-events (like package_key) rather than acs-event, calendar won't install otherwise