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Initial revision

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i18nized some lists

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Zen: 1st round for calendar HTML cleanup

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Zen cleanup of dotlrn non-admin pages - end of first round (still needs some list builder and form builder work as outlined in the zen todo list) - also includes some i18n and removal of MIT help text that keeps sneaking back in

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fixing error message

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fixing and simplifying passing of package_id in export_vars

Removed the keypress handler javascript function since it's been moved to

the site core.js file.

Added emma's acs_KeypressGoto function to core.js so calendar and other

packages using will work outside .LRN.

Fixed a couple of stupid bugs in the blank-master.adp

removed some unnecessary onkeypress calls as requested by emma

add syndicated status info to page listing in admin/list

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Zen: adding links to admin.css and goto.js; needs to be reviewed by donb

Added check for aolserver 4.5

Zen: file for onkeypress goto function; needs to be reviewed by donb

file goto.js was initially added on branch oacs-5-3.

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Zen cleanup: last files in notifications

Zen cleanup: added buttons and added h1

Zen cleanup: updated notifications catalog files

Zen cleanup (added h1 titles)

Zen: adding onkeypress to go along with the onclicks

removed extra div that cnk found and adding mark's class to alerts so they look pretty

Zen cleanup

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Zen cleanup

CSS fixes for buttons that wrap

Zen cleanup (could not find a page that links to this)

Zen cleanup

Zen cleanup round one: still needs some work

Zen cleanup

Zen cleanup

Add an add/remove icon to notification widget for Zen