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patch 108 applied

patch 111 applied

patches 158,159 applied

patch 136 applied

patch 154 applied

A royal kludge to work around PG 7.2 brain damage

making progress on things

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  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
removed excess files from .info file

1) Cleaned old oracle cruft from postgresql files

2) Fixed bugs in metadata presentation

Added C. R. Oldham's patch to fix membership testing (unimplemented in ACS

4.2). Ported it to PG on the way ...

added person.first_names, person.last_name, party.email functions to person and party packages, as well as porting to their postgresql equivelants

cleaned up email check

fixing a bad query

changing wording a tad

made a template to be included in other templates that displays the contents of a folder, used in in the index page

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minor fixes

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Minor typo, another apostrophe catastrophe.

changing default value of parameter just to make things easier

added some more shared folder stuff

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cleaned up a little more to remove code duplication. added api to get the contents of a folder.

added a function for converting a list of ns_sets (probably created with db_list_of_ns_sets) into a multirow datasource

adding a utility function to convert an ns_ste into a list (useful for converting into an array)

adding db api call to return the result set as a list of ns_sets, one for each row in the result set

added removeuser and removeapplet ops. cleaned up file

Added "iscachable" to "tree_ancestor_p".

correct missing page_id var

Enable subcategory searching

HTML tags cleanup

fixed some more stuff up (hopefully pgsql version works)