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adding the optional parameter no_callback to use in the procedure calls

increment version number to get changes in procedures

adding no_callback switch to acs-mail-lite::complex_send and ::send to restrict callbacks

partial fix bug 2369 -- revs from 5.2.0d6 to 5.2.0d6

file upgrade-5.2.0d6-5.2.0d7.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-2.

partial fix bug 2369

adds file_storage__copy_file

fixes file_storage__copy_file

new messages

incremetn version number to load packages and new files

file one-message.xql was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2006-06-08 15:58:54 +0000

adding files to show one message with all its information and file for dowloading the attachments of the message

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adding a link to view the message instead of the body

change the default ArchiveExtension and Archivecommand to use zip instead of targz

adding labels to the order_by filter and also verifying if the organizations package is installed for the extra filter functionallity

Bugfix for newly registered users signing up for a free course with auto approve

Allow application link creation in install action by package_id.

Added install action to define a relation type.

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commit some fixes to make pages look better on safari, specifically the link colors

commit fixes to make pages viewable on safari

making changes to show a filter when the contact is an organization, increment version number adding messages to the catalog

making changes to show a filter when the contact is an organization

adding lors-central documentation

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  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
Fixed typo

partial fix of bug 2639 -- patch 736

adds missing keys

Fixing contacts master link and adding contacts dependency

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allow to confirm removal of members

file dotlrn-procs.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-14 14:24:35 +0000

file tclwebtest-procs.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-11-14 14:24:35 +0000