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fixed clipboard stuff which i had broken and minor keywords display problem

added miguelm commit to acs-subsite, calendar, dotlrn, wp-slim

Lors package now with i18n

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Added hint on using the currency widget.

adding some docs about documentation development into existing meta docs

added keywords tab

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fixing 2 typos in the creation of the table ims_md_metadata_scheme

giving karma to gmorales for *lors*

comments from Natalia Perez <nperper@it.uc3m.es>

typo in .info file and a little fix to launch floating clipboard

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first pass at facelift. still much to do (see todo file in root of package for somewhat random collection of ideas). haven't touched data model so cms will likely still require acs-workflow v4.5 to work w/o error

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Updating the CVS references from openacs.org to cvs.openacs.org

Change pwduser_id for empty_string_p for compare if is empty user_id

Move a lot of the ns_log statements to Debug level instead of Notice.

Bumping to 2.52b2 for release.

More robust parameters, added -- to ad_html_text_convert

Copying documentation for notifications from HEAD.

Add link to core and package documentation.

Fix bug #2156: change /tmp to /var/tmp

don't merge QTI and DB idents. i18n spanish updates

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
added FreeBSD variant notes for daemontools and nsopenssl

added FreeBSD variant notes. changed a typo chgrp in action tag to match chown in userinput section

Added note to use fetch instead of wget when installing on freebsd

Added FreeBSD variant, and a brief section on howto check if an existing tcl meets requirements

removed closing master tag - not needed

fixing links to add existing items

small bugfixes

added pages to add items and sections from catalog

correcting my earlier use of computeroutput tags to userinput tags in tuning section

Freebsd variant additions