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Removing commented out content

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Bugfix and i18n for object names

Support for providing the item_id of the portrait directly

Added procedure to provide the portrait_id of a user

Cached the user_id from username procedure as this will not change that easily / often

fixing bug when adding an activity-structure with more than one information item

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Never change a running system. Maxconns was correct after all

Never change a running system. Maxconns was correct after all

Change back to default master from wrong commit

Made sure we are still using maxconnections which seems to be still the case and not maxconns

Added Tom Jacksons pools.tcl as an init for OpenACS so we can get teh pools to work in AOLserver 4.5

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Performance increase by a factor of 200

provide new method "insert_statement" for generalizing database driver specific code

more portable update scripts

alter dtype::form::edit to accept a value for object_type; adjust the form

in www/form-ae.tcl so it passes object_type.

Needed because dtype::form::edit did not otherwise know how to get that value.

adding source argument for includelets toc and selection

Make title optional, not every question set needs to be saved for reuse.

Fix unescaped variable references.

Fixed ad_conn peeraddr to return the correct IP Address

use policy to decide, whether create-new-page links for unknown page references should be presented to a user

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provide policy checking for uploading and/or renaming .js and .css files

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corrected misspelled variable name form_d -> form_id

simplified naming conventions for ::xowiki::File (all are named now file:*, and not swf:* etc), simplified name resolution, allowing .css and .js to be included in an xowiki folder and being resolved from there

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Fixing two things I forgot

Introduced (from AIMS product by Quest) the KeepLocalTranslations Parameter which allows anyone to keep their local changes even if the merge function believes the local change should be overwritten. A conflict is raised in this case. Additionally made sure we cannot register a message to a non existent package_key. Also be a little bit more conservative when deleting message keys (so they can only be deleted from the main locale, otherwise only unregistered

Merge of lors* packages from oacs-5-3 (michele's work on the rte)

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changing <b> tag to <em> tag to meet accessibility requirements

changing <br/> to <br> to meet html transitional validation requirements

changing <br/> to <br> to meet html transitional validation requirements

removing / from <input ... /> tag to meet html transitional requirements

I missed one reference to the user_new_template in my last commit, this fixes that