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Made the package singleton. Added a parameter for the location of the portlets

Mime encode periods at the beginning of a line within message

text. This is most noticable if the line breaks in the middle of a URL.

Retrieving last_poster in messages_select to be display in threads-chunk

Removed Contacts code

wiki-parser more robust, adp-include can span multiple lines, fixed bug #2859

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add missing node_id switch to after_mount callback

bug fixes in the code.

allowing multiple learning-objects and services in the environments (according to the specification)

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Fix typo (removed a $)

Support for CC Emails

support for CC emails

Removing the reference to some variables not present in the original

message key in the en_US catalog.

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Added catch call to content::init in case the object has no associated template

Fix oracle syntax and query for updating forums_messages.last_poster

Merged -no_callback_p and fixed_sender from HEAD

cr_news.lead column allready exists so we just change its size to varchar2 4000

Fixing table dotlrn_member_emails schema

Added localisation to default years.

1. Renamed more upgrade files to get around our dumb logic for running scripts

2. Fixed bug 2808. Bulk uploads were royally hosed.

removing individual flush procs since a full contact::flush is performed a few lines later

Updated notifications dependency on acs-mail-lite.

adding contacts::create_revisions_sweeper proc and setting it to run every 5 minutes

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Added TCLLIB install to docs. Resolves BUG #2616.

Fixing datatype and sintaxis

Forgot the group add and the flushing of the organization

Many changes from the production site

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Updated assessment links in section admin

Updated assessment links in section admin

Flush relationship

Added contacts::person::new procedure

Added dependency for acs-translations.