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Fixed supertype accessor.

add missing keys

UI tweek

partial fix of bug 2388

adds missing key

remove acs-workflow and custom permissions from create scripts, bump version to 5.0d and update dependencies

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Added new feature: move messages between forums

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updating ssl procs to work with current config.tcl, clarifying annotations

more noquotes added

adding noquotes

file upgrade-0.10d10-0.10d11.sql was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-05-31 23:13:00 +0000

speeding up assessment, switching off randomizing

file upgrade-0.10d10-0.10d11.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

speeding up assessment, switching off randomizing

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Increased version number of forums to make sure the installer detects that notifications 5.1.7 is needed

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Some german translations

adding noquote

Fix bug in subscribing others.

fix the url to redirect to set the registration asm

fix query to select the assessments created in the same subsite

fix some links

fix page title

adding noquote to recomendation var

Bugfix for duplicate notifications with empty passwords and notify set to true. Please see commit message for version

Bugfix for an edge condition. User would get two notifications if: a) notify is set to true, b) password column exists but value was set to empty. The first notification, generated out of the local authentication driver, would contain the correct password. The second notification, generated from this script, would contain an empty string as the password. With the fix, we always generate the random password from this script. A byproduct of this bugfix is that it's now possible for the user to get *no* notification even if a random password is generated. This would happen if the password was empty or nonexistent and the notify column is set to false. This seems undesirable but not necessarily worse than sending a notification when the CSV said not to. And perhaps there are situations where the admin wants to create the accounts but not make them available yet.

annotating for ssl binding variation, and ulimit variation to quash aolserver startup warning (and potential instability etc), see aolserver irc chat logs http://panoptic.com/aolserver/chat/20050405.html and following 2 days

Added ability to count number of notifications of a type on a particular object

file subscribe-others-2.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-09-26 09:03:14 +0000

file subscribe-others.tcl was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-09-26 09:03:14 +0000

file subscribe-others.adp was added on branch oacs-5-2 on 2005-09-26 09:03:14 +0000