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Case admin page

making sure attachments are shown for upload document tasks. Adding a few citybuild links to pages in the siminst wizard

Added admin view of messages and portfolio, templated case history

User community-member link

Cleanup page

Cleaned up user admin page -- still quite crappy

Added case history

porting the table-create sql script and the 1.2-2.0d1 upgrade script from PG to Oracle

Added case delete feature

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Using richtext-or-file

Fixed display mode

Added richtext_or_file widget/datatype for use with CR items

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My change to use the richtext API had a bug

Cleaned up richtext datatype, to use core.js and add documentation

Added new action-links graphic

added object id field to table in long mode - requested by client on behalf of flash mapdeveloper

- Removed context bar logic -- corresponding .adp file doesn't use it at all

- Added user-message

Added util_user_message procs

- Added user message CSS

- Changed arrow for action-links

Changed JS for richtext_or_file widget

Wrap the value in the generated code, so you can have values that contain space (broke when I tried to do a case tag with member_state of 'needs approval').

Refactored template::data::transform::file so the mechanism that gets .tmpfile and .content-type from the page form can be reused.

Made spellcheck use the API for richtext datatype, instead of hardcoding knowledge about its internal representation

making it impossible to mark a template ready for use if it has no states

throwing error from workflow::case::new if workflow doesn't have any state (it's not functional without states).

Added a missing slash to separate the category from username. Now in

some cases we might have two slashes (the whole cat/user/archive stuff

is pretty poor). In any case two slashes is less of a trouble than no


removed "mockup only" from notification start date field title

Added proc to just get the naked subscribe/unsubscribe URLs, depending on the user's current notification status

added requirement for logging to file

the trigger type constraint in the upgrade script was old. Caught this problem thanks to the automated tests that Lars have written.