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Add link to affected user in actions list, if exists

Let complex user search users in a specific authority

- Log nicer errors when trying to update a user that doesn't exist, or when adding a user that already exists

- I again read the IMS spec wrong ... the <n> tag goes *inside* the <name> tag. Grrr..

Added a call to "fconfigure $ispell_proc -blocking 0" to avoid problems with the piped channel for the spell-checker.

*** empty log message ***

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added role features, bug fixes

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changed workflow::get_not_cached to use left outer join so as to not choke when initial action is missing

removing ds_comment statement that was mistakenly left on page

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add =t =f to boolean flags, fix docs, some cleanup on logging

Fixed bug: Blog content starting with hyphen (-) causes pages to break

changed postgres to 7.3.4

check that the ns_set exists before trying to create new mime types in cr_scan_mime_types

cleaning up installation docs for 5.0

cleaning up installation docs for 5.0

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cleaning up installation docs for 5.0

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Allow the IMS sync driver to be manually configured for which user profile elements should be editable by the user

Added parameters to make users automatically become .LRN users when they visit

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Make all 'in response to' links point back to thread

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Fixed more threading UI issues, bug #872

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Added parameter to control whether we make users .LRN users, since this has serious performance implications

Improved UI

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- Cleaned up page

- Added page to reset a password, since our new framework generally doesn't allow users to change passwords without knowing the current password

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Moved password emailing to ::reset and ::retrieve, so the password is emailed even if those procs are called directly. Used by /acs-admin/users/password-reset

Added additional attributes to acs_user::get for /acs-admin/users/one.tcl

added return value to workflow::action::fsm::new

Show links to things the user can see even if their login is expired

Adding check to lang::message::register that non en_US messages don't have invalid embedded variables (that are not present in en_US message)

changed Notice to Debug or warning in ns_log commands

changed Notice to Debug in ns_log commands