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- Filter by success_p

- Showing element-message inline if there's more than one message didn't work

Cleaned up the 'webspell' wrapper and added a catch around the statement which opens it.

Added parameters link

i18n's back link

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Danish translation

Fixed broken test cases

Fixed bug #1015: wrong link to portrait

Include return_url in the translate-link

Homepage URL got overwritten with the filestorage URL

Fixed display, link to item, read more link

Added read more key, Danish translation

removing a couple of keys not in en_US

Added block question template widget

Added installation instructions

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Added the possibility to edit predefined questions. Cleaned up the variable nameing mess

Danish translation

Better error message when substitution variable doesn't exist


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yes -> Yes

Fixed remove empty page bug

Fixed bug #955. The number of elements in $errors was unbalanced between near misses and misses, which got a foreach loop out of sync ...

Make create-message-key pagep accept return_url

Allow creating a message-key-creation page to accept message key -- used by translator mode

Provide link to creating the message key when message key doesn't exist at all


fixed admin index bug, internationalized

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Bumping up version number. I am planning on releasing a richtext enabled version compatible with openacs 4.6.3, so I need an intermediate version number for pre-i18n.

Fixing non-richtext widget settings.

Clean up index page


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